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Key Staff Profiles


Gracelyn Guyol, Founder, President

A visionary leader and successful entrepreneur, Gracelyn Guyol has used and advocated holistic, drug-free medicine since 1997, sharing what she has learned to empower others.  

In 1984, she founded a seven-person California public relations agency that built quality brand awareness and national visibility for wineries.  After eight years, she sold the agency, retiring mid-life with her husband in New England.

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The rapid growth of breast cysts and tumors brought surgery twice in 12 months, altering the course of her life.  Frightened, Guyol systematically eliminated intake of chemicals that might cause cells to mutate, which revealed an antidepressant given for bipolar disorder was triggering the growths.  She tapered off the drug and the growths stopped.  Refusing all psychiatric medications, she found safer, drug-free, treatments that halted the bipolar symptoms in 2002.   

Once aware of toxins’ role in major illnesses, Guyol became an ardent environmentalist. She created a 62-page guide, Earth Friendly Alternatives to herbicides, pesticides and household chemicals, and served two years as Garden Club of America conservation leader for 21 clubs in Connecticut and Rhode Island.  To reduce ocean pollution through community action, she founded and was President of an environmental non-profit, CUSH, Inc. (Clean Up Sound & Harbors), in 2006 that still thrives.

The science in Guyol’s first book, Healing Depression & Bipolar Disorder Without Drugs (2006), led to delivering seven-hour accredited seminars for medical practitioners across the US.  In 2010, she published Who’s Crazy Here, outlining all-natural treatments for nine mental diagnoses.  Her latest book, Restoring Your Child’s Mental Health, 10 Innovative Drug-Free Treatments, was released in the fall of 2017.  She has also produced over 50 cable TV shows in an ongoing series, “Restoring Health Holistically,” to educate viewers about natural treatment options for so-called “incurable” illnesses.

In 2017, Guyol founded Mind Energy Innovations, Inc, a 501(C)(3) non-profit whose goals are raising consumer awareness of drug-free mental health treatment options and organizing medical conferences to educate practitioners in this specialty.



Kathryn Burchenal, BA, PhD, Vice President

Kathryn Burchenal obtained a BA in Zoology in 1978 from Drew University in Madison, NJ.  After six years at the International Laboratory for Molecular Biology of Interferon Systems at Sloan-Kettering Institute, New York City, she worked as a Microbiologist from 1985-1987 in the Surgery Branch of the National Cancer Institute, Bethesda, MD, where she received a Merit Award for clinical-trial related research.  She then completed a five-year pre-doctoral fellowship with the Genetics Branch, National Cancer Institute. 

In 1992 Dr. Burchenal was awarded a PhD in Molecular and Cellular Biology by the Catholic University of America in Washington, DC, with Fellowship, Research, and Dissertation from the National Cancer Institute.  That same year, she was a Visiting Scientist at the Pasteur Institute in France, then continued research at the Laboratory of Molecular Medicine, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York City until 1998. At these institutions, her focus was on applied research in close collaboration with physicians.

Research in which she participated was published in the Proceeds of the National Academy of Science USA, Cancer Research, Oncogene, Blood, Oncology, Journal of Immunological Methods, Transfusion, Journal of Clinical Apheresis, International Journal of Oncology.  Book chapters describing some of this research can be found in Advances in Immunopharmacology, Encyclopedia of Cancer Vol. 3, and Handbook of Experimental Pharmacology Vol .139.

To be a successful researcher, one must also be a skilled grants writer.  From1994 through 2001, Dr. Burchenal was Principal or Co-Investigator of five National Institute of Health grants pursuing the relationship between Retinoic Acid and Promyelocytic Leukemia, as well as a National Institutes of Health grant to help establish The Malaria Research Network.  In 1999-2001, she was Program Manager for a Bill and Melinda Gates’ Malaria Vaccine Initiative grant and one from Burroughs Wellcome Fund for communications and advocacy for malaria initiatives. In 2009-2012, she was Grant Writer and Program Manager for three water quality testing grants from National Fish and Wildlife Federation for the non-profit CUSH, Inc.

Dr. Burchenal also supports the community where she resides.  A few examples include serving as Founding Vice President, Malaria Foundation International, New York, NY, 1992-2012; on the Board of Directors, Greenwich World Hunger Association, Greenwich, CT; as Founding Member and Governor, Stonington Harbor Yacht Club, 2007-2009; Founding Vice President 2006 and Grant Writer 2006-2013 of Clean Up Sound & Harbors (CUSH), Stonington, CT; and as a Board member and President, Stonington Community Center, 2009-2015.


Mary Elliot, BA, FUNdraising Director

A former caseworker for Catholic Charities and City of New York, Mary Elliott has served as a corporate member of Children of Bellevue and been on the Board of Advisors at Columbia School of Psychiatry for over a decade.  

Connecticut neighbors know her best as the organizer of spirited, wildly successful fundraisers.  Elliott has chaired numerous galas: for Stonington Historical Society that attracted 500 guests annually; a harbor-side event for New England Science & Sailing Foundation in 2012-13; and successful fundraising that enabled a pair of women sailors to compete in the 2012 Olympics.  

Elliott’s far-reaching social network accrued from a 30-year career that spanned the globe.

After receiving a Bachelor’s Degree in Business from American University in Washington, DC, she attended New York School of Interior Design, graduating in 1972.  At the University of Perugia, Italy, she studied art, architecture, and languages.

 In 1987, she formed Mary Elliott Associates, Inc. in New York City.  Today, she designs interiors for residential clients, primarily in New York, New England, and Florida. Corporate clients have included The Hearst Corporation, Bristol Meyers, The Mednik/Raynes Realty Company, Omniform, Inc., Douglas & Ives Realty, and Kawasaki Teiteko Company, who hired her to create an 18th century English interior in a starkly modern Tokyo office building.  Elliott’s portfolio shows each space to be unique, reflecting the individual style, sensibility, and desire of a client.  Her objective is to create distinctive interiors that please the eye, bring ease and pleasure, and lift the spirits of those who enter.