Pioneering Holistic Mental Health Treatment


Our Mission

  • Establish a non-profit corporation to promote holistic, drug-free, science based treatments for mental disorders and educate the public about the various options and benefits. 
  • Sponsor educational, accredited seminars on holistic treatments for practitioners, to assure a standard of excellence and increase patient access to treatment.  
  • Collaborate with established medical research centers to further document the effectiveness of holistic treatments in a clinical setting. 

Our Goal

  • To help the one-in-four people around the world who will experience mental illness become aware that recovery is often possible using a holistic approach.  Expand patient access to affordable, effective holistic treatments by increasing the number of licensed holistic and integrative mental health practitioners. 

MEI graciously accepts donations & thanks you for your support.

Mind Energy Innovations is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.


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